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In a few words...

I create graphic, stylish and beautiful imagery for kids and grown-ups. From toy dinosaurs and soldiers, to iconic vinyl and classic cars. Based in Manchester, ship worldwide. FREE UK delivery on all framed prints.

In the beginning...

Amongst my numerous family and friends there is one young lad who I have developed a special relationship with, we've been best pals ever since we first met - he is indeed a special boy, although not as special as Jesus as he rather modestly remarked during one of our marathon Lego sessions! It was during these sessions that I earned the moniker ‘Lego Genius’ as so impressed was my pal with my Lego building skills, he was convinced that I must have studied it at university -  brilliant! I wish I had.

During these happy hours playing together I began to visualise the creative possibilities of transforming his toys into graphic art works for his playroom wall - and so Mycki Art was born. (Pronounced Mikey, as that is my name, but said with a slight Scandinavian accent to make it very cool!)

From toy dinosaurs, animals and soldiers, I began to see the potential in objects that appeal to grown-ups, so there is now a piece of Mycki Art for all ages.